About us:

Lavanya Allam, The Founder of Lava Cakes is a computer graduate and worked briefly in the fashion industry. However, she has always felt drawn to the food industry where every creation is a brand-new challenge. She pursued her diploma in commercial baking and sugar crafting. Baking, according to her, is more on the lines of science. Her brainchild Lava cakes creates innovative 3D & 4D cakes.

Her technological advancement allows the fully edible 4D cakes to have momentary action effects, rotation effects, smoke effects and light effects happening on them. At Lava Cakes, the goal is to bake anything that the customer wants.

The market today is flooded with several bakery products that are essentially junk. Sadly, there are not many healthy options out there either. Lava cakes aims to fill that void by providing healthy options and preservative free bakery products. Best quality raw materials and great adaptability in design, Lava Cakes means business when comes to creating luxury edible cakes. The 3 dimensional cakes come in various shapes and sizes like models, theme cakes and life sized cakes rendered with a 95% accuracy of any features chosen.

Our dedicated team is committed to working around the clock to ensure timely deliveries and optimum customer satisfaction. The food industry is a very competitive one. However, there is a lot of repetition and uninspired baking happening. Lava Cakes believes in standing out with creativity portraying simple portions of sweet as mesmerizing pieces of art. We believe in living up to our tagline, “You name it, we bake it”!