Christmas Specials – Cupcakes and Christmas Cakes

When the world seems anew, and there’s magic in the air, when the gates of joy burst open, you know it’s Christmas Time! In the bustling city and the streets filled with a twinkling glow, Santa seems to be impressed by these little sweets. With sugar and spice, all things made beautiful. Here are the cupcakes making their way to the Crowd.

From the delicious cupcakes to turning these delicacies into real work of art, here we are baking a wide range of customised Christmas cupcakes. With the decorated cupcakes out and bursting flavours within, from the Santa, sleigh and the reindeer to the X-mas tree and the snowman, all the season’s specials. For giving, for sharing all the love, you harbour close through these cupcakes. It is a total Christmas delight, sure to lighten up this festive season with loads of joy.

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